Gluta White Face Whitening Monthly Deal with Vitamin C Serum

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Gluta White Capsules

  •  Quantity: 30 capsules
  • Dosage: 500 mg per capsule

Gluta White Vitamin C

  • Quantity: 20 capsules
  • Dosage: 500 mg per capsule

Gluta White Vitamin C Serum

  • Packaging: New design
  • Quantity: Increased to 30ml

Gluta White Night Cream

  •  Purpose: Skin whitening
  • Weight: 50gm

In the pursuit of flawless, radiant skin, Gluta White emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a range of meticulously formulated skincare products designed to address various skin concerns. From capsules to serums, Gluta White boasts an arsenal of potent ingredients aimed at revitalizing and brightening your complexion.

Gluta White 01 Month Deal Gluta White Vitamin C Serum

Gluta White Capsules: A Powerful Skin Brightening Formula

Quantity and Dosage: Each bottle contains 30 capsules, each packed with 500 mg of Gluta White’s proprietary blend.

Key Ingredients: Infused with potent skin-whitening agents, these capsules work from within to combat dark spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Benefits: Regular intake of Gluta White Capsules promotes a brighter, more luminous complexion while combating the effects of environmental damage and aging.

Gluta White Vitamin C: Amplifying Skin Radiance

Quantity and Potency: With 20 capsules per bottle and 500 mg of Vitamin C per dose, Gluta White Vitamin C capsules deliver a potent antioxidant boost.

Antioxidant Power: Vitamin C is renowned for its ability to neutralize free radicals, thereby protecting the skin from oxidative stress and premature aging.

Enhanced Glow: By promoting collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration, Gluta White Vitamin C capsules help unveil a youthful, radiant complexion.

Gluta White Vitamin C Serum: Elevating Skincare Rituals

Gluta White Vitamin C Serum

Revamped Packaging: Gluta White introduces its Vitamin C Serum in new packaging, signaling a commitment to innovation and user experience.

Increased Quantity: Now available in a 30ml bottle, the Gluta White Vitamin C Serum offers extended skincare benefits and value for money.

Potent Formulation: Infused with high concentrations of Vitamin C and other skin-loving ingredients, this serum penetrates deep into the skin, targeting dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dullness.

Gluta White Night Cream: Rejuvenate While You Sleep

Skin Whitening Properties: Formulated with a blend of skin-whitening agents, the Gluta White Night Cream works tirelessly overnight to brighten and even out your skin tone.

Hydration and Repair: Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this night cream replenishes moisture levels and repairs skin damage incurred throughout the day.

Wake Up to Radiance: Incorporate the Gluta White Night Cream into your nightly skincare routine to awaken to a refreshed, luminous complexion each morning.

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With Gluta White’s comprehensive range of skincare solutions, achieving luminous, radiant skin is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. Whether you opt for the capsules, Vitamin C serum, or night cream, rest assured that each product is crafted with care and backed by science to deliver visible results. Embrace the journey to a brighter, more beautiful you with Gluta White.


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